Press Release: ‘The New Founders’ Book

What Would Our Founding Fathers Do?

“The New Founders” Book Explores How Our Country’s Founders Would Handle Today’s Polarized Washington

Los Angeles, Calif. (August 29, 2012) — If he were alive today, what would George Washington think about the United States of America? What would the likes of Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Hamilton and the Adams cousins say and do about the state of our nation? These compelling questions and more are tackled in The New Founders, a new novel written by Joseph Connor and Michael Duncan, with a Foreword by Dick Morris. (Published by Dunham Books). The book will be available in both trade paperback and ebook formats.

In The New Founders, authors Connor and Duncan bring the father of our country back to life in modern day America. With a blend of humor, intrigue and imagination, The New Founders takes readers of all ages on an adventure with the Founding Fathers as present day people. In the book, six unsuspecting Americans are drawn together in Philadelphia. While touring Independence Hall, a mysterious man dressed in colonial garb takes both our tour group and readers on a crash course in US history and a whirlwind tour of our nation’s capital. Our powdered wig friend turns out to be George Washington, reintroduced into today’s world. With his tour group in tow, he evokes the spirit of the founders and explains how the principles that built this great nation need to be applied today in order to save it. Our founding fathers’ reactions are recorded as they witness the growth of our federal government, today’s volatile political environment, massive federal debt and economic malaise.

Readers will be amazed that many of the today’s challenges were foreseen and addressed over two hundred years ago by this select group of men. Authors Connor and Duncan lay out a thesis for every American to consider: How would Washington react to today’s “entangling alliances?” Would Jefferson and Madison now be comfortable with either party? How would Hamilton, the apostle of a strong central government, react to modern America featuring a Washington-centric system? What would the first Secretary of State have to say about the United States, its fiscal policies and staggering debt load? Although fictional, the authors spent considerable time researching documents, speeches and writings, and other historical sources, providing accurate reactions from each of our founding fathers.

The book not only gives the reader a better understanding of democratic ideas, but proves that our Founding Fathers still have much to teach us.

About the Authors: Joseph F. Connor’s articles have been published in the New York Post, Human Events, Los Angeles Times, Newsmax, National Review Online, and The Wall Street Journal. He has appeared on many television news shows including Hannity & Colmes, Fox & Friends, NBC Nightly News, Hardball, America Live, as well as radio programs hosted by Dennis Miller, Tom Marr, Mark Levin and Sean Hannity. A graduate of Villanova, Connor is active in the local Tea Party movement while currently contributing to (BigPeace) and Michael S. Duncan works in the financial services industry and is a frequent guest speaker on merger and acquisition industry trends. Duncan has written numerous articles on shareowner services for trade publications as well as an article on stock options in the Spring 2009 edition of The Journal of Employee Ownership Law and Finance published by the National Center for Employee Ownership. Like Connor, he is also married father of two, an active member of the Tea Party and graduate of Villanova University. For complete information on the authors and the book, visit


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