Review by Dick Morris

“As he surveys the delicate web of international relations with the U.S. at the center, would Washington stand on his warning against “entangling alliances?” When Jefferson and Madison see what the political party they spawned is advocating, would they remain on board?…. No need to wonder. Just check it out. That’s what Connor and Duncan have done, and we all owe them a great debt for doing so.”

Review by Sue Weaver, Librarian, Turner Ashby High School, Va.

I felt like I learned a lot of history, and not just revolutionary history. The emphasis on the Civil War touched on one of my particular historical interests. I also thought it very special that you worked in your personal history as well, with the references to Fraunces Tavern and the World Trade Towers.

It seems that politicians, both liberal and conservative, have become so corrupted by power and greed that they have lost sight of the people of this county. We no longer have citizen legislators, but career politicians and even dynasties. The money, power, and privileges, and the desire for public adoration and control of people’s lives seemed to have taken over their lives. Fantasy, or not, it made me wish your book could come true; that good men and women could come forward and lead us again. I plan to do a display highlighting it as really good historical fiction, with a touch of fantasy. I am going to feature it in my reading blog and add it to the list of good historical fiction that I keep there for our social studies classes.

Review by Dustin Stockton
“The New Founders is filled with historical references wrapped around a compelling conservative fantasy. What would happen if we had a conservative Presidential candidate who wasn’t afraid to steadfastly stand behind conservative principles, who wasn’t afraid of the liberal media, and who was committed to the American idea of liberty.”

Review by Amazon Readers
Michael Taylor Ph. D student, Early American History, University of Georgia, M.A in History from James Madison University

“The New Founders is an innovative approach to bring the ideas of the Founding Fathers to bear on the political world of 2012 America….. The strength of the book is the way in which the ideas of the Founders are brought to bear on 2012 problems. At one point during an interview, George Washington (using an assumed identity) is asked how the ideas of the 18th century are relevant to the 21st. He responds that a good idea is timeless. I heartily recommend this book to anyone interested in the Founders and their thinking. I have begun to recommend this to my students as a way to heighten their study of the Founders.”

This book is well worth reading. It is surreal in that it is telling the story of what is actually going on in our world today. Hopefully, if enough people read this and wake up, we will be able to save the incompetence currently going on in Washington, which is destroying our nation piece by piece – and the future of our families and generations to come. This book, although fictional, is quite unique as it mirrors today. You will NOT put this book down.”

“I loved this book! The Authors did a masterful job in resurrecting the Father of our country and allowing him get the message of all the Founders out, something that our country so badly needs to hear. I would highly recommend it to be put on the reading list not only for high school government classes but for college Political Science classes as well. Patriotism is not dead but the fires need fanning such that as Lincoln said, we might have a “new birth of freedom” so that this natiopn “of the people, by the people and for the people might not perish from the earth.”

“This is a fun read with lots of actual facts about our founding fathers. This book blends the past with the present beautifully. It is both imaginative and insightful. Even if you’re not into politics it’s an enjoyable book. I would highly recommend it.”

“A thoroughly enjoyable read that blends current events with 230 yr old history of America in a way that’s exciting and insightful.”

“I purchased this book after seeing the authors on Fox and Friends. It is well written, but it is, of course a fantasy.”

“I loved this book. If only we could have one of our Founding Fathers re-born and lead our nation in a different path back to “LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS”. This book plays into todays times.”

“A thoroughly enjoyable read that blends current events with 230 yr old history of America in a way that’s exciting and insightful….. It should be “required” reading for anyone running for political office in U.S.A. today!”

“Must read for any student – fith grade up to a 70 year old. It is a captivating novel but loaded with facts. Wish it was written ten years ago.”

“Was pleasantly surprised with the book. All four of my children want to read…a nice way too get them interested in the political arena! Would recommend!!”

“I was enticed by the concept of this book, but let down by the plot’s development. As a history/English major, I enjoy good historical fiction, and while the historical facts and the personal characterizations of the nation’s founders are accurate, the writing is unremarkable at best and transparent propaganda for conservatism at worst.”

“This trip into our founding documents applied is a imperative for any and all who recognize a need to up-date their knowledge of the creation of our proven government system.”

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